Music Academy

Haunting Echoes in Mystery

As the last hope to unravel the truth behind the unexplained disappearances of children.

You and your team are thrust into a dark and enigmatic world, 

where every note and clue brings you closer to justice.

the experience

Number of players

2 - 10 persons


80 minutes



Floor Space

80 sq m

A Musical Enigma Unveiled

A prestigious music school shuttered years ago,

After gifted pupils disappeared mysteriously. 

Now is the time to become detectives and answer questions. 

An ominous Maestro, a secretive old classmate, and a mysterious organization.

They hold the keys to solving the music academy’s terrible mystery.

Justice Through Puzzles

Navigating the abandoned school’s creepy passageways will challenge your team. 

Decipher cryptic messages, find secret clues, and solve complex puzzles to get the truth.

The Challenge Awaits

Analytical Thinking

Every puzzle is a piece of the more extensive code, and success requires a keen mind.


The room's riddles have multiple levels, requiring concentration to navigate each problems.

Why Music Academy?

Engaging Storytelling

Dive into a narrative-rich experience that goes beyond traditional escape rooms.

Immersive Atmosphere

Explore a carefully designed music academy environment that enhances the experience.


Diverse Puzzles

From brain-teasing riddles to intricate puzzles, every challenge is a piece of the larger mystery.

Team Building

Collaborate, communicate, and put your teamwork to the test to uncover the truth.

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