Escape from the 80s

Captivating Time-Travel Adventure Over the Decades

In a mad time machine, your quest begins. 

Your crew must travel across the decades from the 2010s to the ’00s and ’90s to 

Reaching a ’80s disco with neon lights.

 Are you ready to step into  a mission to uncover the missing pieces of the past?

the experience

Number of players

2 - 6 persons


60 - 70 minutes



Floor Space

40 - 60 sq m

Unleash the Nostalgia

As you step through a secret door, you’re transported to an ’80s disco. 

The atmosphere is dark and silent, but fear not.

The key to unlocking the disco’s vibrant energy lies in your hands. 

Solve the puzzle using a vintage record player with pulsating lights, disco balls, lasers, and beats of music.

Discover the Missing Element

Will you find a lost artifact, a piece of technology, or a cultural gem?

Slip into the era’s iconic outfits, dance the night away.

The challenge is yours to conquer!

Why Escape from the 80s?

Interactive Challenges

Engage with the environment and each other to overcome obstacles and complete the mission.

Immersive Experience

Dive deep into the ’80s era with meticulously designed puzzles and authentic decor.

Nostalgic Atmosphere

From the music to the fashion, experience the magic that feels incredibly real.

Social Media-Friendly

Capture your adventure with allowed selfies, making it a shareable and unforgettable experience.

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