Captain James' Secret

Welcome Aboard to our ghost ship

Captain James’ Secret in a ghost ship, the S.S. Lluvia, appeared to be a terrifying tale.

Escape the haunting ship before it sinks into the abyss after the door jams shut. 

Will you solve the maritime mystery or join Captain James’ haunting lore? 

Prepare for adventure in the unknown.

the experience

Number of players

2 - 6 persons


70 minutes



Floor Space

60 sq m

Unveil the Maritime Mystery

One night, Captain James and his ghost ship appear strangely. 

Legend has it that the captain disappeared into the ship’s hold for days 

Before he and the ship vanished forever. 

What happened on that eerie night to Captain James and his crew?

The Atmospheric Journey

Every question reveals more about the captain’s mystery alliance. 

The game master helps players, but the room’s difficulty makes it challenging for new and old players.


Why Captain James' Secret?

Fascinating Tales

Explore Captain James and his ghost ship’s history to create a captivating experience.

Puzzle Exploration

Solve difficult riddles to unveil the ship’s unsettling secrets.

Accessible Challenge

Captain James’ Secret is a thrilling escape room experience with a Game Master on hand.

Race Against Time

The sinking ship adds a layer of urgency, intensifying the quest to unveil the secrets before it’s too late.

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