Consequences of Your Past Actions Have Caught up With You

Behind every step, hidden in the shadows of your previous trip, is the unknown. 

Masks are off, rules have changed, and the time is important. 

Can you handle the unpleasant reality now that you’ve discovered it?

the experience

Number of players

2 - 8 persons


120 - 180 minutes



Floor Space

100 - 120 sq m

The Setting

Our mysterious Bookstore hides secrets and lost legends. 

Each book whispers a story as you walk through the aisles, creating tension. 

The dull illumination of ancient lamps generates eerie shadows

– generating anticipation and mystery.

The Challenges

As you discover the forgotten chapter’s story, 

Expect mind-bending obstacles, clever puzzles, and intriguing riddles. 

Your intelligence, teamwork, and courage will be tested at every turn. 

Will you decipher the clues and change your story’s ending?

Why Bookstore?

Unparalleled Immersion

Captivating storyline that goes beyond traditional escape room experiences.

Mind-Bending Obstacles

Try a series of hard puzzles and riddles that will keep you guessing.

Unique Themes

Explore a diverse range of themes, ensuring a new and exciting adventure every time.

Team Building

Team up to solve the Bookstore mysteries and improve your communication and collaboration.

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