The Paradox Mansion

Unravel the Family Secrets

An invitation from the Paradox Mansion,

a long-lost relative leads you to a world of mystery, puzzles, and hidden passages. 

Expect an intense experience where finding the painful truth trumps escape and every twist challenges your reality.

the experience

Number of players

2 - 6 persons


80 - 90 minutes



Floor Space

60 sq m

The Invitation

An unexpected letter arrives, bearing the signature of a long-lost relative. 

Sensing ominous forces closing in, he extends an invitation to The Paradox Mansion.

A place shrouded in mystery with ties to his past adventures in Africa. 

Are you prepared to unveil the concealed truths lurking within?

The Journey

Explore the depths of the mansion

Uncovering the intricate web of family secrets and historical events. 

Be prepared for surprises that will challenge your wit and captivate your senses.

Why Enigma?

Problem-Solving Skills

Players develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through engaging challenges.

Adrenaline Rush

The time-sensitive nature of the game creates an exhilarating atmosphere for a thrilling experience.

Team Building

It encourages teamwork, enhancing communication and collaboration skills.

Stress Relief

Offer a fun and immersive way to unwind, providing a break from daily stressors.

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