The Last Experiment

Unravel the Island's Secrets

A riveting science escape room where it conceals secrets of a last experiment. 

Navigate through abandoned labs and unravel experiments that awaits. 

Can you escape before time slips away?


the experience

Number of players

2 - 6 persons


70 minutes



Floor Space

60 sq m

The Island's Mystery

Your journey on Mystery Island takes an unexpected turn when, 

During exploration, you stumble upon a hatch. 

As you enter, the door closes, 

A chilling announcement echoes through the room: 

“Oxygen in the room is running low.” 

The race against time begins.

The Challenge

Will you uncover the hatch and escape before it’s too late? 

Trapped within a seemingly abandoned lab, players progress through a series of rooms, 

A mysterious experiment that affected patients, with Alex as the last victim. 

Your missions: 

  • Destroy the lab 
  • Exact revenge for Alex

For Beginners and Beyond

This room is tailored for beginners.

Offering a riddle-solving experience that requires attention to detail.

Designed for beginners, it still challenges, delivering an enjoyable escape room experience.

Why The Last Experiment?

Immersive Storytelling

A narrative-driven experience where each riddle unravels a piece of the intriguing story.

Suitable for Newbies

Ideal for those new to escape rooms that solvable by with minimal assistance.

Revenge and Redemption

Seek retribution for Alex, adding an emotional depth to the mission.

Atmospheric Setting

Explore an abandoned lab, within its walls as you race against time.

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