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Escape into Adventure with Our Unique Rooms!

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Discover the essence of each experience and let the excitement unfold as you navigate through the challenges and unveil the secrets within.

Nightmare Motel

Escape a dark basement within 70 minutes in Nightmare Motel's chilling murder mystery.


Break the German Enigma code in a World War II-themed room filled with challenging puzzles.

The Last Experiment

Uncover the story of an abandoned lab on Mystery Island through atmospheric rooms and engaging riddles.

Captain James' Secret

Solve riddles to reveal the fate of Captain James and his crew on a haunted 19th-century ghost ship.


Navigate through a psychological horror experience in a haunted mansion with Requiem.

The Paradox Mansion

Explore, learn, and uncover secrets in a realistic house set at The Paradox Mansion.

The Music Academy

Discover the truth behind a closed Music School through a variety of puzzles and unexpected twists.

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Diverse Difficulty Levels

Choose from a range of difficulty levels to suit your group’s expertise, from beginner-friendly to challenging rooms that cater to escape room enthusiasts.

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Engaging Storylines

Immerse yourself in compelling narratives that add depth to your escape room experience, enhancing the sense of adventure and intrigue.

try, try again

Mental Stimulation

Stimulate your mind with challenging puzzles and riddles, enhancing cognitive skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in an entertaining and immersive environment.

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Room sizes vary based on selection, ranging from 60 to 240 square meters.

Our constructions adhere to high standards, minimizing damage and ensuring maximum functionality for long-term use.

The structural construction involves real masonry with eco-place specifications, ensuring easy transportability and simple installation.

The rooms feature remote control automation, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the games.

We provide high-performance audio installations for realistic and uninterrupted experiences.

Yes, our rooms are equipped with high-resolution cam/microphone surveillance systems for precise monitoring.

Installation, construction, and training typically take 2-6 days, assuming the building is prepared beforehand for our installation.

Yes, we provide detailed documentation of design, flow, and operations, along with explanation forms and a troubleshooting booklet.

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