Decipher the Code, Rewrite History

In our most challenging room, Enigma, your mission is clear – decode the German army’s cryptographic messages.

Step into the heart of World War II and join the ranks of top analysts at Bletchley Park. 

the experience

Number of players

2 - 6 persons


90 minutes



Floor Space

60 sq m

The Historical Challenge

Enter the world of World War II codebreakers. 

The German army has employed Enigma cryptographic machines to safeguard their messages. 

At Bletchley Park, just outside London.

A team of elite analysts assembles for an extraordinary challenge 

– deciphering the Enigma machine. 

Authorities are calling on you to join this historic endeavor. 

Will you seize the opportunity to be a part of history?

The Room

Enigma is not for the faint of heart. 

This WWII-themed experience will transport players to a commander’s room with a mission 

– to break the ENIGMA code. 

The room unfolds as a journey of intrigue and intellectual rigor.

The Challenge Awaits

Analytical Thinking

Every puzzle is a piece of the more extensive code, and success requires a keen mind.


The room's riddles have multiple levels, requiring concentration to navigate each problems.

Why Enigma?

Historical Immersion

Experience the tension of World War II, where the fate of nations hangs in the balance.

Intellectual Challenge

Challenge your mind with intricate puzzles that mirror the complexities of codebreaking.

Team Bonding

Forge more robust bonds with your team as you collaborate to tackle the challenges.

Be a Codebreaker

Fulfill a crucial role in history that could change the course of events.

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