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Nightmare Motel

Overnight at a motel, you witness a horrific murder. Trapped in a dark basement, can you escape in 70 minutes? Nothing is as it seems...


Crack the German code in this WWII-themed challenge at Bletchley Park. Will you be a part of history?

The Last Experiment

Uncover a series of abandoned lab rooms. Can you destroy the lab and take revenge for Alex? Suitable for beginners.

Captain James' Secret

Enter the ghost ship of Captain James and unravel his secrets before the ship sinks. A room with challenging riddles.


Experience the psychological charge through a mansion. Not for the faint-hearted. Explore at your own risk.

The Paradox Mansion

Scenting ominous loose ends, he invites you to divulge a mystery from his past and his eventful experience in Africa. Can you do it?

Anthimos Kyrlidis


Zone Laser Tag

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